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Foodways Texas Symposium Scoop


Custom meat diagram boots sported by Daniel Vaughn, Texas Monthly barbecue critic and author of Prophets of Smoked Meat. Contraband brisket from Snow’s; a gift from Daniel Delaney. Aaron Franklin and Daniel Delaney talk about the new business of barbecue.

In early April I traveled with my bestie Elizabeth Karmel to Austin for the Our Barbecue, Ourselves Foodways Texas Symposium. The outstanding programming featured intelligent discussion on various nuances of Texas barbecue. This highly detailed recap captures the details perfectly.


Ahh, the food.

From a rooftop oyster/crab roast and a two meat plate of Franklin Barbecue to a fresh, inventive lunch by uber-talented Top Chef alum Tiffany Derry, the meals were tops.


Wayne Mueller freelancing on the Southside Market mobile pit. Gaeton and Pat smokin’ it up.

I’m always encouraging my barbecue people to make friends with one another. Here’s a success story from the weekend: Bryan Bracewell was kind enough to pull a pit to Austin for Wayne Mueller to use while cooking the final feast. They met for the first time. Pat Martin was there, too, cooking delicious chicken dipped in his tangy take on Alabama white sauce.


New friends Diane and Justin Fourton from Pecan Lodge in Dallas. Peace out, Wayne! Twinkling lights, delicious food, hearty libations – the French Legation provided a magical setting for the final meal.

Takeaway tidbits:

• I want to go hunting with Georgia Pellegrini and Jesse Griffiths. Who’s in? {I promise not to pull a Dick Cheney.}

• Who knew onions could be so interesting? Common onions take a very long time to digest and give many people a sour stomach. Reach instead for a Vidalia or, if you’re fortunate enough to be in Texas, go for the Texas 1015, developed at Texas A&M.

• Time spent with Keith SchmidtBryan Bracewell, and Wayne Mueller is always a bonus. They are smart, kind, and navigating that third-generation barbecue/child of a legend path just like I am. Very blessed to have them in my inner circle.

• Meeting internet friends in real life is fun! CC: @SteffChilds @MarshallWright

• An opportunity to slow down, meet new food/barbecue people, and listen to new ideas and new perspectives is a gift. Must remember to make time for those events.

Check back for more of my adventures in Austin!




The One-7: Elizabeth Karmel

Elizabeth Karmel shows off a tray of succulent spare ribs at Hill Country Barbeque Market.

Elizabeth Karmel shows off a tray of succulent spare ribs at Hill Country Barbeque Market. Photo by Ken Goodman

I met Elizabeth almost 10 years ago and she has become a treasured friend, bound by the love of barbecue and cowboy boots. She’s the culinary mastermind behind Hill Country Barbecue Market and Hill Country Chicken and the author of a trio of books about grilling and barbecue.

In addition to the famous PB&J Cupcake she invented for Hill Country, she also developed the often-imitated ergonomically designed silicone grill brush and mop, along with a variety of other clever and well-designed grilling accessories, all available at bbqproshop.com.

Here’s Elizabeth’s take on the One-7:

1. Travel destination: Paris

2. Cut of meat to cook: Bone-in pork butt

3. Favorite pie: my grandmother’s coconut meringue

4. Best gift received: the “love of food” from my parents and grandparents

5. I admire: Steve Jobs 

6. BBQ joint I’d like to visit: Skylight Inn

7. Words to live by: Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story! 

Elizabeth’s website is a treasure trove of recipes and information. Buy her books here.

The One-7 features our friends and partners and gives a little insight into their worlds.