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A Rundown of the Four Different 17th Street Barbecue Sauces

Mike's OriginalMike’s Original

The sauce that won dozens of awards and accolades on the competition circuit. Mike’s Original is a harmonious combination of ketchup, vinegar, and mustard – the three ingaredients that typically set regional barbecue styles apart from one another. This is a thinner sauce, best applied in several coats during the cooking process or simply slathered on table side. It’s a favorite on ribs and pulled pork sandwiches, as well as on chicken and burgers.

Apple City Red

A sweet, ketchup-based sauce with a little heat on the end. Apple City Red is excellent on pork, poultry, and beef. Try it in place of ketchup after melting a thick slice of sharp cheddar over a juicy flame-grilled burger.

Little Kick

Identical to Mike’s Original harmonious combination of ketchup, vinegar, and mustard, but Little Kick has extra cayenne for a touch of heat. Pour some Little Kick on a plate and some Magic Dust® on another, then dip the rim of a chilled glass – first into the sauce, then into the Dust – and fill with a freshly stirred bloody mary. Add your favorite garnishes and a straw and wait for your brunch guests to sigh with delight.

Hog Warsh

Splash this pepper-flecked Carolina vinegar sauce on pulled pork or brisket, just before serving. You can use Hog Warsh alone for traditional Carolina-style barbecue, or layer it with your favorite sauce. It’s also a great option for brushing over the skin of your roasted or smoked chicken, just before taking the bird off the heat, to help crisp things up with a tangy punch.

Magic Dust®

The secret to all of our success! Use Magic Dust® as a seasoning for just about anything you prepare. Garnish your scrambled eggs, rice bowls, and grilled veggies. Toss it with freshly-popped and buttered pop corn for a savory movie snack. Sprinkle it over your favorite hummus or dip for an eye-popping (and delicious) presentation. It’s spectacular on barbecue, naturally, but also so much more.

Brisket Rub

A robust blend of black pepper, salt, and garlic, our Brisket Rub adds the perfect punch to brisket, steak, burgers, eggs, and more. Slather a pork tenderloin with some dijon mustard and a healthy sprinkle of Brisket Rub before searing on all sides to get a savory crust before finishing your cook inside a hot oven or grill. Drizzle the slices with Hog Warsh and a light dusting of the rub for a finishing touch. Want one more layer of flavor? Add a drizzle of your favorite hot honey just before serving.


Mail-Order Barbecue in the Wall Street Journal


Our mail-order barbecue was featured in the Wall Street Journal over Memorial Day Weekend, and we’ve been busy shipping all over the country! Our thoughtful customers are stocking their own freezer, as well as sending barbecue to friends, to their vacation homes, for hostess gifts and family reunions, as a comforting sympathy gesture, and more.

Click here to order or call Samantha in our office at 618-684-8902 during business hours. Please note that we ship food Monday through Thursday. For special requests and Saturday delivery, please give us a call!


TheFeastThanks again to the Wall Street Journal for featuring us!

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