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Giving Thanks

Gratitude turns what we have into enough.

We are tremendously grateful for our friends across the globe whose support makes it possible for us to live our version of the great American dream.
We barbecue every single day.
How blessed are we?


Tradition: The 9:22 Shot


Well, hello there, Gentleman.


A long-standing tradition at barbecue contests where Randy Twyford is present is the 9:22 a.m. good luck shot of Gentleman Jack. Why 9:22, you ask? Because you might have something to do at 9 and 9:30 and 10 … but most people can steal away for a few minutes at 9:22.

A record crowd gathered around the stage this year in Murphysboro.


GentlemanJack_Toast_V2Randy delivered his colorful, not-quite-PC blessing and the crowd took a moment to reflect on the glory of the barbecue lifestyle we’re so fortunate to live. This brief shared moment set the tone for Saturday and sent us all back to our tasks with renewed vigor.

Tell us your favorite cook-off tradition in the comments below!