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17th Street Sunday Sermon

Time Will Always Show You Who and What Really Matters.

Words we live by at 17th Street Barbecue. 

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Our Restaurants are Temporarily Closed But We Are Shipping Barbecue

Our restaurants are temporarily closed until at least April 7. We’re still shipping barbecue — now with FREE shipping on all orders over $50, including food, t-shirts, sauce, Magic Dust, books and more.

Get more details in our March 19th public message (video and text below)

The Mike Mills way — and our charge at 17th Street — has always been to be the last man standing. Whether it’s at an event or a festival, or in our own restaurant, we’ve taken pride in serving until the final bell rings.

It’s become apparent, however, that this is a very different time.

We’ve weathered what we thought were incredibly challenging storms at various points over the years, but nothing, NOTHING, compares to this virus. We are all being called to war, and the charge is to cease and stay home.

We can’t responsibly keep our doors open at this moment. Our responsibility is to our staff and to take care of them now and a month from now, we are closing our restaurants until at the end of the business day, until April 2, and that means we are laying off 100 of our staff members. They need to be able to apply for unemployment and they need to be home with their own families. Closing now means we stem the financial bleeding we’re experiencing, so we’ll be in a stronger position when re-open the doors. This is an incredibly difficult day here. I never dreamed I’d be giving this message.

We’re all hearing the same words from medical professionals and government leaders. The sooner we all stay home, the quicker this virus will be contained.

We’ll be operating through 6 p.m. March 19, 2020. Our mail order operations will continue until further notice. Our sauce factory construction will continue until further notice and we’ll continue to supply our retailers with sauce. But right now, our frontline crew is going home to their families to weather this storm.

Our Sunday sermons provide a bit of hope and inspiration each week, and here’s our message:

The future depends on what we do today.

So we’re taking these extraordinary steps. We’ll be back soon, and I know you’ll be there for us. Take care of yourselves and your loved ones. We’ll see you on the other side.