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Reading this week

Hingham High School graduation.

This week was filled with end-of-year activities, prom, and graduation.

Here are some links that made me think:

The Chicago Sun-Times fired its photographers. As a journalist and a friend to a number of photojournalists, this makes me sad and makes me shudder. The best photojournalists I know have a gift for capturing humanity. That trained perspective will surely be lost when an accompanying photo is an iPhone afterthought.

Speaking of photography … as someone whose event photos have been compromised by multiple “photographers,” I found this to be dead on and kind of sad. Let’s all try to be more courteous and let event photographers do their job. And to take it a step further, sometimes it’s more fun to just live the experience and put the phone away.

Texas Monthly barbecue critic Daniel Vaughn talks brisket grade and pricing.

The Glass Castle was a fascinating memoir and this profile of Jeanette Walls is equally interesting and disturbing.

I follow Rachel Sklar on twitter. She seems smart and savvy and this profile confirms it. The headline is incorrect, though… she’s not trying, she pretty much IS a social media entrepreneur.

The media landscape has changed for all of us in the restaurant biz and nowhere more so than New York City. The feverish quest for online coverage is exhausting.

The Worst End of School Year Mom Ever confessional took the internet world by storm and had mothers and teachers alike howling with laughter and nodding in agreement.

My daddy taught me long ago that “first-class people associate with first-class people.” “I don’t shine if you don’t shine” and “People know you by the company you keep,” are two gems from this article:  Why powerful women make the best friends.

Frank Bruni on why siblings are a gift. So good.


Catering to the Pawn Stars


We get some pretty exciting opportunities in our Las Vegas outpost, Memphis Championship Barbecue, and the recent gig we did for Pawn Stars was a thrill. For the upcoming season, they contracted Lynrd Skynrd to come up with a new theme song and they wanted a big party with hearty food to showcase the song and kick off the season. The 250-pound pig shown above was the centerpiece.

Sidenote: In Las Vegas you actually go out to a pork farm and point out the pig you’d like to take home. This was Erick’s {our Las Vegas pitmaster} first trip to the farm and he chose an unusually large pig. We had to cut off the hooves and part of the legs to fit it on the pit. I’m guessing he’ll probably go a bit smaller next time. Nonetheless, it was one fine pig and the end result was delicious.


The gracious cast, crew, and band couldn’t say enough fine things about the food and they mingled and posed for photos, too.

PawnStars_3The new season premieres tonight, May 30, 2013. Tune in and listen to the new song … and perhaps you’ll catch a glimpse of Mike and our crew, too!

Are you a Pawn Stars fan?