Going Whole Hog at the Big Apple Barbecue Block Party

Big Apple Block PartyWell, hello, forklift, delivering a nice whole hog in the middle of Madison Avenue.

BigApple_2-ButcherAndPrepLast June we cooked this whole hog for some VIPs at the Big Apple Barbecue Block Party. Love seeing all of the smartphones recording the details as Mike and the crew butchered away. We prepped this pig on Saturday and smoked it, with charcoal and apple wood, in an Ole Hickory double-wide CTO for about 20 hours.

BigApple_3-CTOI see a little glimpse of that mahogany skin …

BigApple_4-PhilAndLukeAnd there she is. Luke and Phillip carefully lift her to a tray …

BigApple_5_HogSuch a pretty face.

BigApple_6-BoxCutterIf you don’t have the proper knife handy, a box cutter will work just fine. Mike Mills is nothing if not resourceful. Here he’s scoring the skin so he can lift it up and pull the meat out of one side. The skin on the remaining side will keep the meat moist and warm until we’re ready to work from that angle.

BigApple_7-PrettyPigAnother angle.

BigApple_8-HogSauceSeasoning and pulling. We fed this hog to people who were so patiently waiting in line.

Mark your calendars NOW for June 7-8 … Fast Passes are on sale NOW for the 12th annual Big Apple Barbecue Block Party! Will we see you there? 


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