What We’ve Been Up To During the Corona Virus Shut Down

While the pandemic has been frightening and trying on so many levels, we’re choosing to focus on the bright spots. We’ve had the time and space to examine every aspect of our business and re-imagine it from top to bottom. Our crew has had some much needed time to rest and we’ll be back it, refreshed and ready. We’re so looking forward to welcoming y’all HOME.

Huge thanks to those who participated in our Family Pack pick-ups each week. We had a great time collaborating with local businesses, and you’ll see more of that in coming months. We are super grateful to Rendlemen Orchards, Mileur Orchard, Rule of Pie, Big Muddy Hogs, Big Muddy Brewing, and Scratch Brewing for being part of the fun.

We were honored to team up with Hands of Hope Foundation to feed healthcare workers and first responders at four area hospitals. Thanks to Pastor Troy Benitone for so seamlessly organizing these events and inviting us take part.

Construction at our sauce factory is continuing at a rapid pace. We’ll be opening that facility later in the summer, and the coffee/breakfast/lunch shop in the front will open soon thereafter. If you had our biscuits, included in some of the Family Packs, you got a preview of a signature menu item.

Our mail order business has been booming as people order for themselves or as gifts to far-flung friends and family. You can click here to send a taste of Southern Illinois to family and friends.

We’ve continued to be a voice and a leader in the industry, too, through various interviews and guest podcast experiences. Listen here:

We’ve also had a banner few months appearing on several national and international television networks, including Food Network, Food Network Canada, The Cooking Channel, and the UK’s Blaze Network. Watch here:


What to Expect When We Re-Open June 18

Vendor Safety

Every supplier certifies they’ve met our specific health and safety standards. We’re very careful about what comes into our kitchen and into our buildings.

Pit Crew Wellness Checks

We take crew member’s temperatures at the beginning of each work day. Each crew member also completes a wellness checklist before they begin their shift. Our entire team has taken a COVID test prior to our re-opening. Each crew member added also must be tested prior to beginning work. If a crew member feels at all unwell, we request they stay home.

Required PPE

Our crew is required to wear the face masks and gloves we supply. In the interest of safety, ANYONE entering our space must also be wearing a mask.

Warsh Those Hands!

We wash our hands thoroughly, in acordance with FDA and CDC guidelines, every 30 minutes, changing gloves when we do so.

Highest Sanitation Standards

We disinfect all high-touch surfaces at least once an hour, using an EPA-registered disinfectant. This includes door handles, seating, light switches, bathrooms, kitchen equipment, handheld devices, and more. Crew members are not allowed to have cell phones in the building, so no spreading germs from those devices.

Social Distancing

Our outdoor seating is arranged with social distancing in mind.

Food Safety Protocols

We’ve designed our new menu so that our kitchen stations have minimal interaction. All shared equipment is sanitized between uses. All food is delivered in high-quality, compostable disposable containers.

No-Contact Drive-thru, Curbside Service, and Delivery

We seal our packaging and delivery bags to ensure safety after it leaves our kitchen. We wear gloves and a mask when handling your box or bag. Our handheld devices ensure we don’t have to touch your credit card. Ordering and paying online provides added peace of mind.


We’re here to answer any additional questions. Please call our office between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, at 618-684-8902 or email us.