OnCue: The Business of Barbecue April 2013 recap


Enjoying a well-deserved drink at the 17th Street bar. From Southern California to South Korea, a unique group of participants gathered to hone their barbecue and business skills.

OnCue Consulting held its 11th Business of Barbecue event in back in April. This unique two-day seminar and subsequent one-on-one consulting has incubated several dozen barbecue businesses and helped numerous existing restaurants take their game to a higher level.

OnCue_BoB_BeveragesAn especially honored attendee at this class was Frank Ostini of the Hitching Post, the famed California winery and restaurant featured in the award-winning movie Sideways. We served some of Frank’s fine wine during one of our meals.

Read more about the OnCue seminars and see the 2013-early 2014 schedule here. The next Business of Barbecue class will be held in April 2014. Exact date TBD.

We are grateful to Townsend Spice & Supply, fine spice purveyors and blenders of our Magic Dust©, for sponsoring our OnCue events.  

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  1. When traveling the Southeast I always feel a bit sad when I see closed up BBQ joints because I know that at one point, that was someone’s dream and pride – then it failed. Their BBQ was probably even good, the failures most likely came on the business side and that could be prevented with a small investment in these classes.

    If I ever lose my mind and decide I want to open a bbq joint, you can bet I’ll learn from the best at Oncue before signing a lease.


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