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Be A Fountain, Not a Drain

We’re just back from an incredible South Beach Wine & Food Festival experience and, while we’re recovering from that, I’ll leave you with a few links I found especially interesting:

The highly controversial Maurice Bessinger died at age 83. His son, Lloyd Bessinger is now at the helm of Piggie Park and is steering the restaurant away from politics. Smart move.

Are you on Twitter? “First, self-promotion becomes unseemly when it is viewed as repetitive.”

Words of wisdom from Seth Godin on modesty and hubris. Perfect timing for those of us working on presentations for National Barbecue Association.

Photographer to culinary stars, Ken Goodman, shoots several of our events. The Texas Monthly barbecue section highlighted him this month and showed some of our fab Whole Hog Extravaganza photos. Well-deserved praise. Go, Ken! And many thanks, Daniel Vaughn.

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