2015 Townsend Spice Kids' Que

01-2531This is the future of barbecue: the line-up of awesome competitors at our third-ever Townsend Spice Kids’ Que at Praise the Lard Murphysboro Barbecue Cook-off.

03-2545Group shot with Shane Linn of Townsend Spice, who generously sponsors this contest.

31-1980Each team gets a goody bag …

30-2321Filled with gifts from our sponsors. We’re particularly grateful to Thermoworks, who provided a Thermopop for each child. I saw several parents coveting these.

11-2048Chris Pritchard fills each grill with hot coals from our burn barrel.
14-2068This year the competitors cooked chicken breasts, generously donated by Jack’s Meat Market in Murphysboro.
15-2071Brother/sister team work. John Voss and Madison Voss.

17-2087 18-2135

19-2142Checking temps with a Thermapen.


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29-2308The walk to turn-ins.
28-2299High five.

02-2540This year’s 1st Place winners: Ava Wong and Madison Guy of You’ve Got the Wong Guy. This is Madison’s second return to the winners’ circle.

Townsend Spice Kids’ Que Results
3rd Place Meat Head Maddie’s – John Voss and Madison Voss
2nd Place Backdraft BBQ – Ethan Grob
1st Place You’ve Got the Wong Guy – Ava Wong and Madison Guy

Mark your calendars NOW for 2016. It’s always the third weekend AFTER Labor Day, so next year’s dates are September 22-24, 2016.

Read more about this year’s cook-off results and events.

Photos © Troy Brown.

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