Instagram Favorites: Lifestyle

InstagramFavorities I’m posting most of our travels and adventures on Instagram these days. The rich visuals without the incessant political, religious, and nonsense Facebook posts makes for a more pleasant scrolling experience. I have a whole new set of Instagram “friends” and these are few of my favorites.

InstagramFaves_DavidHalesSmithDavid Hale Smith is a literary agent who lives in Dallas. He posts about barbecue, books, tacos, and his travels. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram

InstagramFaves_GrayMalinGray Malin travels the globe and stages beautiful aerial photographs. You can buy his work online. I am coveting some of the Antarctica and Italy prints. Follow him on Instagram

InstagramFaves_HawgFarmerMy barbecue friends will love the gorgeous pictures of heritage hogs and farm life posted by Travis Hood. Follow him on Instagram

InstagramFaves_SarahSmithSarah Smith makes great metal word art, perfect for restaurants. Love her jewelry, too. Follow her on Instagram.

InstagramFaves_UncleBeefySuch the bon vivant. Love his cooking and lifestyle. I know we’d be IRL friends. Follow him on Instagram.


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