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"The Legend" series by R. Murphy

RMurphySetSeal3A year ago, thanks to an introduction from James Beard House EVP Mitchell Davis,  I visited the R. Murphy knife factory for an in-depth tour and a look at how their fine, hand-crafted knives are produced. You can read about our visit and peek behind the scenes. 17th Street shares many similarities and philosophies with this storied, family-owned company and the owners, Mimi Younkins and Mark Furman, and I bonded immediately.

“Wouldn’t it be great,” I thought. “If we offered a set of 17th Street knives?”

Mimi and I became so excited about the idea of partnering on this project. We tested various knives to find our favorites, and Mimi was kind enough to send us additional knives to use for Block Party prep, so we’d have plenty for all of our volunteers. And then a year quickly passed.

Now, here they are, just in time for Fathers’ Day. The Legend series, a set of four, carbon steel, super-sharp, meticulously crafted knives, etched with Mike’s signature. These are the staples of our kitchen – the ones Mike, Phillip, and I have in our knife kits and use in our restaurants and in competition for all types of meat and food prep.

RMurphyMikeMillsKnivesThese are high-performance carbon steel knives.
These high-quality knives are made with carbon steel blades for high performance.  Carbon steel takes an edge much better than stainless steel and edge retention is superior to stainless.  Carbon blades resharpen easily – a couple swipes and you are back in business with a super-sharp edge.  Performance is why chefs love carbon steel knives.  Julia Child was a huge fan of carbon.

In addition to being made from high quality carbon steel, each R. Murphy knife goes through the following important steps – resulting in a beautiful knife with a superior, long-lasting edge.

  • Made from high carbon steel (1095), the blade is precision ground, hand-edged and hand-honed.
  • Additionally, each blade is cryogenically treated, substantially increasing edge retention.
  • Full tang construction for perfect weight and balance.
  • Triple brass riveted Honduran rosewood handle – beautiful and durable.
  • Infused with a wood stabilizer, handles are then hand polished to a high luster.
  • Contoured handles are designed for comfort and a variety of grips.
  • Following assembly, each blade goes through a final buffing process, giving the knife its superior, razor-sharp, long-lasting edge.
  • Made in USA

Carbon steel knives require a little extra care.  Like a cast iron skillet they must be kept dry or they’ll rust.  Simply hand wash and dry your knives before putting them away.  With proper care, carbon steel knives develop a blue-gray patina due to natural oxidation.  This patina helps protect against further oxidation and is the sign of a chef’s favorite knife.

As Mimi says, when comparing carbon-steel knives to stainless,  “They don’t stay shiny, but they do stay sharp!”

This heirloom-quality set costs $350 plus shipping/sales tax. They must be pre-ordered via this link. We are producing a limited number of sets at this time. Orders must be received by April 25 to ensure delivery for Fathers’ Day.


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Please Join Us to Support Operation BBQ Relief


A pallet of Magic Dust, spices, and seasonings donated by 17th Street and Townsend Spice & Supply.

Nothing says “love” like a home-cooked meal and barbecue is as comforting to the soul as it gets.

As a business located in an area plagued by severe weather and who has experienced the work Operation BBQ Relief does first hand, we have made it our mission to support their fine work. We hope all barbecue restaurateurs and enthusiasts will join us in this mission.

Now is the perfect time to send a donation to the cause … BEFORE the next disaster strikes. Hurricane season will be here shortly. Peruse this wish list and help them re-stock their warehouse.

During 2012 Operation BBQ Relief cooked almost 182,000 meals in 11 states and spent 52 days cooking. Since the first deployment to Joplin, MO, Operation BBQ Relief volunteers have cooked and served 470,900 meals to victims and first responders. This represents the barbecue community and grass roots efforts at their finest.

Please consider making this organization one you support. Consider support by joining the Grand Champions Club. Keep up with them on their Facebook page to see where and when help is needed. Ask your vendors if they’d be willing to donate along with you. When we send Magic Dust, our supplier, Townsend Spice, donates, too. Mike asked Ole Hickory Pits if they’d supply a pit for them to use? Done. There’s strength in your relationships – leverage it!

Read more about the generosity of the barbecue community here: How to Make a Grown Man Cry.