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Tammy Movie: Ain't no thang …

Last summer, we got a call from the wardrobe director for the movie TAMMY, starring Melissa McCarthy, Susan Sarandon, and Kathy Bates. The movie is produced by Ben Falcone, Melissa’s husband. Melissa and Ben have several ties to Southern Illinois – see the fun facts and links at the end of this post.

The wardrobe director came across our website while researching and she loved the photo {above} of some of our t-shirts hanging above the bar. She wanted to consider one for Melissa’s character, Tammy, to wear during the movie. We sent one of each of our shirts and baseball caps for review, and they ended up ordering three different shirts in specific colors. We had no idea if any would make it into the movie.

Fast forward to this past February. I glanced at my phone and there were multiple missed calls and a message from a California number. Before I could even return the call, the phone rang again. It was from a production editor in Burbank who said, “Hello … this might sound a bit strange, but I’m sitting in an editing bay, working on a trailer for a new movie called TAMMY. Have you heard of it? Melissa McCarthy is wearing one of your t-shirts. It’s awesome and I need one!”

He described the shirt. It’s one that the fabulously talented Matt Price, from Arthur Agency, designed for our staff to wear at a wingfest. We didn’t have any left and never even offered them for sale.

“You’d better order some,” the guy said. “They are gonna sell!”

I kept searching for a trailer of the show where she’s wearing the shirt, but all of the trailers show her wearing a t-shirt with a bear and the word “Mahalo.” An extended trailer was released at the end of June. But still no t-shirt.

The movie opened July 2 and, sure enough, there are several nods to Southern Illinois. Those who live in Murphysboro will notice that the street on which she lives looks very much like it could be Pine Street or Elm Street, with the Craftsman-style bungalows so prevalent in Murphysboro. As Tammy and her grandmother, Susan Sarandon, leave town, it looks as though they’re driving over the bridge on Old Route 13, over the Big Muddy River. There’s a flash of a sign that says “Leaving Murphysboro.”

In the scene depicting a fictitious barbecue restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky, there’s a bottle of Blueberry Blonde, by Big Muddy Brewing, on one of the tables. And in a motel scene, there it is: Tammy, wearing our shirt.


We’ve already received so many inquiries and Silkworm, producer of all of our apparel, is printing more now. You can order them by clicking here. They’ll ship the week of 7/14/2014 and they will also be available in the restaurants.

Thanks so much, Melissa, Ben, and the TAMMY production crew! Love the nod to Southern Illinois and to your roots. This is huge for our restaurant and for our town. We are grateful!

Fun facts:
• The show was filmed in and around Wilmington, North Carolina. Many movies and television shows are filmed in that area.
• Ben Falcone is from Carbondale and his parents traveled to Los Angeles for the TAMMY premiere.
• Melissa McCarthy attended Southern Illinois University for one semester; Ben graduated from the University of Illinois.
• Melissa is from Plainfield, Illinois. While she and Ben both have Illinois roots, they actually met at Groundlings, the legendary LA performing group. Read more about them in this article.

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Catering Display Inspiration

Beautiful display inspired by personal collections and Pinterest

Becky Streuter, our catering manager, has a large collection of vintage and retro items from which to choose. These layered linens, cut glass dishes, and jadeite serving pieces create a beautiful table. The damask-covered slipper chair belonged to my grandmother.
© Ken Goodman

We eat with our eyes first and when people attend 17th Street catered events, we want our guests to be delighted when they see our set-up. From events held in our private rooms and Warehouse facilities to OnCue seminars, we love setting the stage with unique items from our collection.

When you hold an event at The Warehouse, you can rent almost anything in our prop room with which to decorate and add a signature touch to your celebration. We can also suggest  local event planners who can help create a special look. Here are some of my favorite tablescapes from recent events.

fresh fruit on a tiered jadeite stand

A jadeite cake stand atop a brass plate holds a variety of fruit on the breakfast table.
© Ken Goodman

One of the topics of our OnCue Catering Master Class discusses how to properly set up a catering line and how to make it look fabulous. These photos are from various OnCue Consulting events.

Cut glass, jadeite, vintage linens

Photo © Amy Mills

Vintage linens create a colorful backdrop for a breakfast table. Weathered wood, old tin canisters, an antique scale, and cast iron create texture and interest.

The kissing booth

Photo © Ken Goodman

Clever, colorful, and sweetly delicious – this kissing booth display was both a candy bar and a photo booth where guests could pose for pictures.

Bulleit bottles, twine, fresh rosemary and mason jars

Photo © Ken Goodman

Sometimes simple is best. This display uses Bulleit bottles tied with twine, slices of wood, and mason jars filled with sprigs of rosemary clipped from a huge bush that grows outside our back door. The tablecloth is layered with a kraft paper runner.

Inspiration for one of my favorite displays came from this photo of painted antlers I saw on Pinterest. I couldn’t justify paying $78 for one painted antler, so we put out the call for antlers and taxidermy to our family and friends. Turns out that these trophies are precious to some and they didn’t want us to paint them? Go figure! We ended up with an abundance of them and here’s how we used them.

Serve-yourself wine and bourbon tables

Photo © Ken Goodman

Our serve-yourself bourbon bar and wine station featured old wooden tables and boxes, a vintage Stag sign, and lots of antlers, both loose and mounted.

Buffet table with light fixture made with an old ladder and several pairs of antlers

Photo © Ken Goodman

There are so many layers of goodness on this buffet table designed by Becky and local event planner, Cindy Wilson. They suspended an old ladder and tied on antlers, illuminating it with a string of mason jar lights. Natural elements such as pine cones, fresh rosemary, and wood slices mix with cast iron and tin.

While this display is fairly masculine, I did get my painted antlers, reinterpreted just for me by Cindy …

Antlers that have been painted and bedazzled

Photo © Ken Goodman

Not only are they painted, she fancied them up with a bit of iridescent sparkle, rhinestones,and marabou trim, and tucked them in and about several displays to add just a little girly touch amongst all of that manliness.

What are your favorite items to use in catering displays?

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