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Memphis in May: Our Booth

Memphis in May, Apple City BBQ
After an 18-year hiatus, we wanted our booth to have a nod to our heritage and reflect our present. We cooked on the pit Mike and Pat made out of an old propane tank. They spent hours test cooking and drilling holes to make sure the air flow is just right.
Memphis in May booths run the gamut from very elaborate and multi-storied to very plain. We tried to keep it simple and uncluttered. We knew we’d have a lot of guests and we’d need room to move around. MIM_OurSetUp_3
Apples are everywhere … a nod to Murphysboro, also known as Apple City. We served fresh apple juice to the judges and there’s a hint of apple in our sauce as well. Captain Applesauce and Miss Apple Festival joined us, too. We used some of our old signage mixed in with the new. And I love the giant photo of Pat, Mike, and Captain Applesauce.
MIM_OurSetUp_4Gentlemen, I do believe RED is your color!
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Memphis in May: Shirt Exchange with the Danish Barbecue Team

MemphisInMay_ShirtExchange_1Spending time with the Danish Barbecue Team was one of the highlights of Memphis in May. Early Saturday morning Ken Hess, of Big Bob Gibson, called to see if Mike would do a shirt exchange with the Danish team manager. I didn’t see the message until after the awards ceremony when Ken texted again. I responded with a “Yes!” and meant to tell Mike, but I got side-tracked by half a dozen conversations on my way back to the tent.

Ken showed up very quickly with the Danish team in tow. We had spent time together at various points during the week and their photographer took some terrific pictures of Mike and Pat. Mike thought they were coming to say good-bye ….

“You two are going to exchange shirts,” Ken explained to a somewhat bewildered Mike. “Amy said it would be okay.”

MemphisInMay_ShirtExchange_3Mike gamely complied and they both stripped down.MemphisInMay_ShirtExchange_4
But wait … Mike needs his thermometer, Marlboro Reds, and fork!

MemphisInMay_ShirtExchange_5I made it back to the tent just in time to see the end of the ritual. “I told them you’d be happy to exchange shirts ….” I started to explain. But I I could see I was a little late for that. But not too late for the group photo!

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