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Come Watch the Eclipse at 17th Street Barbecue

Murphysboro is in the path of totality for the upcoming eclipse on Monday, August 21, and we will be completely dark for 2:39 minutes.


Sunday, August 20

12:00noonish-until it sells out

Whole hog, hand-pulled, in the Murphysboro restaurant


Sunday, August 20


Live music by Roy Hawk on our Murphysboro patio


Monday, August 21


Adler Planetarium astronomer Mark Hammergren, PhD will talk about the fascinating phenomena that appear during the entire eclipse. He’ll point out visible planets and answer your questions.

Mark Hammergren, PhD, is an astronomer at the Adler Planetarium. His research interests include asteroids, comets, meteorites, and their effects on life on Earth, and the history and sociology of the flying saucer phenomenon. He directs the Astro-Science Workshop, a summer program for science-interested high school students currently in its 49th year, and co-founded the Adler’s Far Horizons citizen space exploration team.


 There will be a Brews and BBQ Bus that runs between 17th Street, Blues Brothers Tap Room, Big
Muddy Brewing and other local restaurants on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday from noon to 10 p.m. You can check out the details on the Facebook event page.

Here is a good read about safety and protecting your eyes during the eclipse. And here is information specific to Murphysboro with the timing details.


Thanks to the Chicago Tribune for selecting 17th Street as an optimal place to eat and view the eclipse — along with a shout out for our friends at Mileur Orchard and Scratch Brewing. You can read the article here.