17 Street & Friends Easter Feast


17St & Friends Easter FeastWe’re taking a la carte Easter orders for our glazed ham, biscuits, bourbon butter, barbecue, and more.

Order online by Thursday, April 1 at 12 noon for pick-up Saturday, April 3 at The Warehouse in Murphysboro or at 17th Street Barbecue in Marion. You can also email Laurie or call your order in at 618-684-8902.


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    • Amy Mills

      So happy you loved the ham! The instructions were on the same paper as the ham instructions; easily discarded, I know.
      Mile-High Biscuits — freeze immediately upon opening the box:
      • Preheat oven to 375˚F.
      • These biscuits bake straight from the freezer. You can remove as many as you’d like from the package, and keep the rest tightly covered in the freezer.
      • Arrange as many frozen biscuits as you’d like to bake on an ungreased sheet pan, about 2” apart.
      • Bake for 25-30 minutes. Check for doneness by opening a biscuit and checking the center.
      If it is still doughy, it needs more time.
      • Optional: Melt 2 tablespoons butter and brush/pour on top of each biscuit as soon as they
      come out of the oven.

  1. Mary Lorraine Budner

    I ordered the Easter ham dinner plus some of your amazing beans… WOW! It was the BEST meal we’ve ever ordered!!! My husband was so happy with the ham! We had leftovers and cut the remaining slices off the bone to save for our next pot of pinto beans…. and our slices for sandwiches! Anytime we want some ham, holiday or not, I am ordering from YOU!! Delicious and amazing!!!

    • Amy Mills

      That feels great to hear and I’ll share with our team. So happy you enjoyed. Lots of uses for the ham … and the bone makes amazing ham and beans! We’ll look forward to sending to you again! Again, many thanks for writing.


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