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Speak the truth. Words of wisdom via 17bbq.com #17ST

This week’s a big one. We’re heading to South Beach tomorrow for the South Beach Wine & Food Festival. We’ll be cooking at the Q, hosted by Michael Symon and the Sports Illustrated swimsuit models. We’ll see how they feel about our beautiful whole hogs!

Here are few things highlights from the past week:

How Diane Keaton learned to love Pinterest.

Andrew Carmellini wrote a few very posts for Food Republic this week 10 Commandments for a New York City chef are applicable in any restaurant, really.  And 10 Things I Hate. Which ones resonate with you? I’ll take 1, 4, 7, and 9.

Really good parenting advice. I sometimes fail at this.

We celebrated Valentine’s day.

And reminisced about King of the Smoker.

My constant refrain. Choose your friends and professional colleagues wisely.

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