BBQ Pit Wars: Kingsford Invitational

BBQ Pit Wars: Kingsford Invitational is airing on Destination America June 21 from 10-11 p.m. ET. The cast and crew will be live tweeting during the broadcast; tweet along with us, using the #BestInBBQ hashtag.

Intrepid We filmed this show back on Veteran’s Day weekend aboard the USS Intrepid, a majestic and patriotic setting. During a break, we watched the USS New York dock; quite an emotional sight.

WinnerPart of the Kingsford festivities included recognition for the Folds of Honor organization. This organization provides scholarships and other types of assistance to families of those killed in action.


IntrepidVisitor Shannon McGovern from Current masterfully organized this event, along with help from the outstanding Current team.


CoolerAndGrill The all-star line-up of barbecue teams were: Cool Smoke, Sweet Swine o’ Mine, Pork and Mindy, Queology, 3Eyz, Pellet EnvyAcross the Track, and Iowa Smokey D’s.

GroupI was honored to be a judge, alongside Brad Orrison, Douglas Rodriguez, Melissa Cookston, and Ed Mitchell …

ChrisLilly … and Chris Lilly masterfully hosted the show.

JudingJudging is serious business, with a $50,000 winner-take-all prize on the line.

GrillsSPOILER ALERT:  Custom star-spangled grills were used for the One-Bite Challenge …

BigCheck… won by Tuffy Stone  with his perfectly seasoned and cooked steak.

OverallsTHE Pitmaster Ed Mitchell showing off his singular style.

BradOrrisonBrad Orrison and his million-dollar smile.

WholeHogSweet Swine O’ Mine’s whole hog smoking away.

CoolSmokeTuffy Stone giving his Jambo a good polish.

PigHeadMark Lambert pulling some cheek meat.

FilmingPork and Mindy working the sound bites.

TurnInIt was a pretty brisk November day, so teams hurriedly turned in their entries so the food would stay as hot as possible.

ListeningForGoodNewsShiggin’. Mark Lambert listens intently as the judges discuss the Sweet Swine O’ Mine entry.

Tune in tonight on Destination America at 10 p.m. ET to see who’s crowned the Grand Champion!

Photos © Virginia Devlin of Current

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  1. chris

    ACK! No spoiler alert warning and the show doesn’t air until later tonight? Well at least I can fake Alexis out and call the winner at the beginning of the show for some ridiculous reason. I’ll tell her “Tuffy is going to win because his parsley runs counter clockwise.” Then I’ll see if she does our parsley that way in our next comp lol.

    • amills

      Sorry for the no-spoiler alert … this was all over Facebook back in November. I didn’t reveal the Grand Champion … just the One-Bite Challenge winner 😉

      • LOL I know, I was just teasing ya! Y’all did good, you could hardly tell from the show that it was colder than Antarctica in NY that weekend 🙂


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