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Praise the Lard Results

Victory Lane was the MBN Grand Champion.  Photo © Rob Burke

Victory Lane was the MBN Grand Champion.
Photo © Rob Burke

We enjoyed a banner weekend in Murphysboro with our Praise the Lard–Murphysboro Barbecue Cook-off event. A record 84 teams vied for top honors in both the MBN and KCBS competitions. Our first-ever Kids’ Que had 15 total teams and some fierce competition. Below are the winners of each event … more details about the weekend will appear in a future post.

MBN Grand Champion: Victory Lane BBQ {in shoulder}

1) All in Que
2) Boar’s Night Out
3) Firehouse BBQ
4) Serial Grillers
5) Diamond D Cooking Team

1) Victory Lane BBQ
2) Serial Grillers
3) Gwatney Championship BBQ
4) Twyford BBQ & Catering
5)  Will-B-Que BBQ Team

1) Victory Lane BBQ
2) F.B.I. BBQ
3) Gwatney Championship BBQ
4) Party Q
5) Twyford BBQ & Catering

TRUEBUD won their 15th KCBS Grand Champion title.  Photo © Rob Burke

TRUEBUD won their 15th KCBS Grand Champion title.
Photo © Rob Burke

KCBS Grand Champion:  Truebud

KCBS Reserve Grand Champion:  Killer Hogs
1) Back Porch Que
2) Jugs BBQ
3) One2BBQ
5) Boss Hog BBQ
6) A Boy & His BBQ
7) Boars’ Night Out
8) Team Enoserv
10) Bubba Joe’s BBQ

2) Gilly’s BBQ
3) One2BBQ
4) Gwatney Championship BBQ
5) It’s 5 O’Clock somewhere
6) TR’s Up in Smoke
7) Killer Hogs
8) Squealer’s Award-Winning BBQ
9) Hickory Pit Stop
10) Big O’ Dang O’ BBQ

1) Meadow Valley BBQ
2) Iowa Smokey D’s BBQ
3) All In Que
4) Desperado’s Barbecue
5) Redneck Grillers
6) Bubba Joe’s BBQ
7) Team Enoserv
8) Killer hogs
9) Sexy Q
10) It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere

1) Killer Hogs with a perfect 180 score
2) Black Iron BBQ
4) Iowa Smokey D’s BBQ
5) A Boy & His BBQ
6) Sonny’s Competition Team
7) Smokin’ T’s
8) Squealer’s Award-Winning BBQ
9) The Flying Pigs
10) The Flying Burritos

Kylie Graff and Maddie Guy won 1st Place overall in our inagural Kids' Que. Photo © Rob Burke

Kylie Graff and Maddie Guy won 1st Place overall in our inagural Kids’ Que.
Photo © Rob Burke

Townsend Spice Kids’ Que
Age 7-11 : Hott Pink Hogs
Age 12-15 Jared Bastien

Townsend Spice & Supply Fish & Wings Contest
Wings: Party Q
Fish: Piggy Q


Praise the Lard Team List


We have a record number of competitors at Praise the Lard this year: 9 MBN teams, 61 KCBS teams, and 14 teams cooking in BOTH categories totaling 84 teams. The blown glass apples above are some of the trophies for the contest, expertly crafted by the Douglass School Art Place in Murphysboro.

Are you cooking, judging, or volunteering in some way? Sign in the comment section below and tell us your favorite part of contest or to what you’re most looking forward.

3 Taxi Guys
270 Smokers
A Boy & His BBQ
A Pig’s Worst Nightmare
Adventure Partners BBQ
All In Que
Back Porch Q
BBQr’s Delight
Beer & Smoking In Las Vegas
Big O’ Dang O’ BBQ
Boars Night Out
Bone ‘E’ Fide BBQ
Boondocks BBQ
Boss Hawg BBQ
Bubba Joe’s BBQ
Carbondale Pork District
CT’s Custom Smokers & Barbeque
Desperados Barbecue
Dewey Smoke’m & Howe
Diamond D Cooking Team
EnFuego BBQ and Grill Team
Firehouse BBQ
Fowl Butt BBQ
Getta Que
Gilly’s BBQ
Goin Hog’ N
Gwatney championship BBQ
Hawg N Dawgs
Hickory Pit Stop
HOOAH Wounded Warrior BBQ
Iowa’s Smokey D’s BBQ
It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere
Jugs BBQ
Killer Hogs
Lock Stock & two Smokin’ Barrels
Meadow Valley BBQ
Mike & Zachs BBQ
Mispits BBQ
Nuthatch Hill BBQ Co.
Party Q
Piggy Q
Piggy Style
PitMaster IQ BBQ
Posey County Cookers
Q Live Crew
Que’s Your Daddy BBQ
Redneck Grillers
River Eagle Smokin Butts Weise
Runaway Hogs
Serial Grillers
Sexy Q
Shake’ N Bake BBQ
Shawnee Parkway Cracklin Butts
Sizzlin’ Bones BBQ
Smokers Wild
Smoki Bros. BBQ
Smokin All UR Butts BBQ
Smokin Bullets BBQ Team
Smokin Fyrpit
Smokin’ Sauced
Smokin’ T’s BBQ
Sonny’s Competition Team
Spicewine Ironworks
Squealers Award Winning BBQ
St. Louis Black Iron BBQ
Team Enoserv
The Fabulous Fault Liners
The Flying Burritos
The Flying Pigs
The Heat Is On
Thunder Hog BBQ
Too Big to Fail BBQ
TR’s Up In Smoke
TrueBud BBQ
Two Butts and A Ham
Twyford’s BBQ & Catering
Uncle Bones BBQ
Victory Lane BBQ
Will-Be-Que BBQ team
Wright On Que- IL